Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy (the "Cookie Policy") is part of our Privacy Policy and we mean FlyFairTravels has describes the all kinds of cookies we have used at our website. So, we request our customer to read it carefully and if they do not read it and starting using our website, we consider that you are agree with it.

What are cookies?

When any person or visitor visit a website FlyFairTravels, then a web server stores a little text file which is known as cookie on user’s computer, mobile device or tablet. It allows the website to remember user’s actions and preferences over time (it could be like log-in information, font size, their language, behavior and others), preventing you from having to re-enter them each time you come to the website or switch its pages. Possibly it can also use for analytics and marketing and purposes, to create statistics (for example data during visit the site) or retargeting (showing ads) visitors.

What types of cookies do we use and how do we use them?

In general, we rely on session and persistent cookies from 1st and 3rd parties. Cookies that are set by our third-party partners and service providers are referred to as "3rd party cookies," whereas cookies that are set by us are referred to as "1st party cookies."

Session cookies

Temporary cookies known as session cookies and they are stored on user’s device up until the web browser is closed. Since they allow you to navigate our websites FlyFairTravels and use our features, many session cookies are necessary for our websites FlyFairTravels to operate properly.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies stay on your device much longer or until you explicitly erase them (how long a cookie stays on your device depends on your browser's settings and its "lifetime" or duration). Persistent cookies also assist us in identifying you when you access a resource from one of our websites or applications from a different website or app (such as an advertisement) and enable us to keep track of information about your web browsing patterns while the persistent cookie is active. It is simpler and more comfortable to return to our websites or use our Services without having to sign in again thanks to persistent cookies, which assist us in recognizing you as an existing user of our websites.

Based on how they are used, first- and third-party session and permanent cookies can be further divided into several categories. The sorts of cookies we employ (which may be coming from a 1st-party or 3rd-party domain) are listed below, along with an explanation of how they work:

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are strictly required in order for our websites FlyFairTravels to work properly and for our Services to be available to you (such as sign-in functionality, load balancing, navigation, and form filling).

Performance and Functional Cookies

We can improve the performance of our websites by gaining knowledge from data like visit count, most-to-least popular pages, and traffic sources thanks to performance cookies. Functional cookies allow our websites FlyFairTravels to offer improved services or settings based on your past visits and preferences, like remembering language preferences, logging in information, and other conveniences.

Advertising Cookies

By using these cookies ensuring that you only see pertinent adverts on our websites, applications, and other websites. These cookies essentially assist us in developing and evaluating the efficacy of our marketing campaigns, limiting the number of times you view an advertisement, and determining whether the adverts have been properly shown.

Analytics and Personalization Cookies

In order to make our Services more helpful and relevant to you, we can analyze how you access and use our websites FlyFairTravels using analytics and customization cookies. For instance, we gather information about your past reservations or purchases as well as other specifics, including past searches, to help us offer you more pertinent travel choices and offers based on the kind of traveler you are.

Social Media Cookies

Suck kind of cookies permit users to share or "like" pages and content on social media websites run by third parties.

How to control cookies?

In conclusion, we utilize 1st-party and 3rd-party cookies, like the majority of online travel companies, to provide advertising, emails, and content we believe will be of interest to you. To do this, we occasionally supply third-party analytics and advertising suppliers with information based on your usage of the Websites (and they reciprocate by sharing information, frequently in the form of reports, to assess our effectiveness). In order to enhance and tailor your experience or to offer features like our members-only functionality or remembering your log-in information, we also gather data based on how you use the Websites.

You can also choose not to receive online behavioral advertising from several advertising service providers. Additionally, you can delete all cookies that have already been saved on your computer and configure the majority of browsers to stop new ones from being set. However, some Services and functionalities might not function if you do this, so you might need to manually change some preferences each time you use one of our websites.